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Mark 1:40-45

February 13, 2012

Last Sunday we read how Jesus’ healing ministry began; today continues that story. Last week’s reading startled me; because I had not noticed before how Jesus only cured some of the people. You remember how they had eaten supper at Simon’s house, and word had gotten out to the whole village that Jesus had miraculously cured Simon’s mother-in-law. So by the time supper was over, a crowd filled the house: everyone with a sickness had come to be cured. Jesus did cure many of them, but not all. He either ran out of time or he ran out of strength. The next morning those who had not been cured the night before returned to Simon’s house. But Jesus was not there. He had left well before dawn to go into the hills to spend time alone with God. After sun-up his disciples searched for him; and when they found him they let him know that the people were waiting; but Jesus said no; I have to move on. How could he do that? (more…)