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Matthew 21:33-46, Isaiah 5:1-7

October 6, 2011

Let’s imagine we are in a Bible study group.  We might begin by recalling what we know of landlord tenant law.  This provides that a land owner may allow another person, called the tenant, to use the owner’s land as if it were their own.  In exchange for this privilege, the tenant agrees to pay the owner of the land some fraction of what the land produces; for instance, 10%.  We might also recall that in this case the landowner not only gave the tenants the use of his land, the owner also, most generously, put in some capital improvements, so that the tenants would have a head start in making a go of their enterprise.  For instance, he owner erected a fence to keep out predators; the owner put in a wine press to make it easier to squeeze the grapes; and the owner even built a watch tower so the tenants could oversee their entire operation. (more…)