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Matthew 20:1-16, Exodus 16:2-15

September 19, 2011

A friend sent me this quotation.  Someone else wrote it to him.  “I was a Roman Catholic boy.  I married a Presbyterian/Baptist girl who tried to be a Roman Catholic, but the vaccination didn’t take.  Right now I don’t know what I am.  Doctrine, rigidity, superstitions have gotten in my way.”  This is what I want to preach on this morning, because I have heard something like that many times.  It is the main reason people turn away from religion — doctrine, rigidity, and superstitions. (more…)


Matthew 18:21-35

September 11, 2011

Don’t you find it amazing that on the tenth anniversary of 9/11 the Gospel reading should be about forgiveness?  The list of offenses we have to forgive scarcely ends.  We could name the horror of the massive killing, the terror and grief inflicted, the sense of vulnerability and distrust we now live with, the searing confrontation with evil, the loss of direction for us as a nation, the catastrophic destruction, the on-going health issues, the loss of our innocence, for some, even the loss of faith.  If Jesus calls seventy-seven the upper limit of the number of times we should forgive, we can get well above this with 9/11. (more…)