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Matthew 6:24-34

February 28, 2011


Why can we not serve two masters? Lots of people hold down two jobs. What says they cannot like both bosses, and like them equally? What is Jesus getting at when he says no person can serve two masters? I want to approach this question with a story from the book of Exodus. You remember how Moses led the people of Israel out of Egypt, through the Red Sea, and on out into the desert, bound for the Promised Land. After about three months on their journey they came to Mt. Sinai, where they stopped and camped while Moses went up on the mountain to receive God’s commandments. At one point the people became anxious, because Moses had been gone a long time. They asked Moses’s brother Aaron to make them some gods to lead them, and Aaron fashioned a golden calf. Then the people began to worship it. Meanwhile, up on the mountain, God told Moses what was going on down in the camp and Moses rushed down to confront Aaron and the people with their idolatry. (more…)


Matthew 5:13-20

February 6, 2011


With political boils breaking around the Middle East, Israel looks vulnerable indeed. Israel receives a lot of ill-will, as do Jews elsewhere, most of it unwarranted and all of it disproportionate. Christians have fueled that animosity for 2,000 years. Today’s Gospel invites us to look at the relationship between Christianity and Judaism, and gives us a chance to set straight a colossal misunderstanding that has fed anti-Semitism for far too long. (more…)