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Matthew 1:18-25

December 19, 2010


Evolution, as I picture it, went like this. For eons living creatures swam in the salty seas. In time some of them began to find their watery world limiting. They sensed a huge, untapped life in themselves, waiting to unfold. How could they find it? It wasn’t a question of learning to swim faster or dart sharper. It wasn’t a question of learning at all. They themselves had to change, inwardly, bodily.


I offer this image as a way to help us think about our spiritual evolution. For a long time we are delighted by the Gospel stories just as they are told. Then one day we find we cannot live with them as we did before. Our critical minds have developed and we find the stories na├»ve, unbelievable. They have lost their power. We have to move on, but where? How? (more…)