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Mark 13:1-8

November 16, 2009

[The sermon begins by shattering a glass vase with a hammer. The vase is held in a clear plastic sheet to contain the shards]]

Jesus loved the teachable moment. Sometimes he created a teachable moment, and sometimes he capitalized on one that happened along. For example, Jesus seized on a teachable moment that ‘just came along’ one day when he was packed into a house full of disciples. His mother and his brothers, who were worried about him, came to the edge of the crowd standing at the doorway and shouted to him, “Jesus, come out here!” The interruption shocked everyone. Spotting a teachable moment, Jesus looked into the faces of the crowd around him and asked, “Who are my mother and my brothers?” And he spread out his arms to them and answered, “You all are my mother and my brothers….” Was he denying his biological mother or brothers? Not at all. They were just as dear to him as ever. But they gave him a perfect opening, a teachable moment. He used it to say, in effect, “You who are sitting here, you are not simply the self-contained individuals you take yourselves to be. You also have a vastly larger life; you are a part of me.” And as they would come to discover, being part of the Christ meant being part of all creation.