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Third Sunday of Easter

April 26, 2009

If we think of ourselves as pilgrims and of our life as a spiritual journey,  then every now and then we need to climb a tree.  Where we have been?  Where we are going?  We have to rise above the day-to-day details to find out.  On a real pilgrimage our path is linear.  On a spiritual pilgrimage it is both linear and cyclical.  From a linear perspective we just keep growing.  We grow in understanding.  We grow in commitment.  We grow in love.  We grow more alive.  On the other hand, from a cyclical perspective, we keep passing the same wayside shrines again and again.  The incarnation – or Christmas – is one such shrine.  Following that comes Epiphany, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Advent, and then the Incarnation again.  I am calling them shrines, in keeping with the image of a pilgrimage, and yet like real shrines, they both measure our progress and inspire us for further progress. (more…)


Easter John 20:1-18

April 13, 2009

Nature has her secrets, but we  humans have prying minds.  Last spring I visited friends who live on the mountain above the village.  Standing on their deck, I looked up to where the wall of the house met the eve, about ten feet above our heads.  Eastern Phoebes had built a nest right in that angle.  In fact, the lip of the nest so nearly touched the eve that I wondered how those wind-borne architects squeezed into their nest.  What goes on inside?  Those used to be nature’s secrets, but no more.  Our friend had installed a pea-sized surveillance camera in the nest.  From the vantage point of their kitchen, we watched life in the nest unfold on the screen of their laptop: gaping baby beaks, quivering quills, and a beady-eyed parent, offering a fly. (more…)

Genesis 22:1-18 Good Friday

April 13, 2009

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What shall we make of the story of the command to sacrifice Isaac?  Perhaps no other story in the Bible arouses such horror in us, or such pathos.  We try not to ask what kind of God would set up such a test, because we do not want to hear the answer.  We try not to put ourselves in Isaac’s place, because we so need to trust our father, and yet, seen through Isaac’s eyes, doesn’t he turn out to lie to us and to betray us monstrously?  We try not to put ourselves in Abraham’s place, because he is setting out to put an end to everything in life that he holds dear – his son and his progeny.  What is this story of horrors doing in the Bible? (more…)