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Matthew 25:31-46

November 23, 2008

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The last few weeks have highlighted a theme of judgment. This is the last Sunday of the church year, so we are not surprised to hear once again about the Last Day, the Day of Judgment. The reading sobers us, as it should. Our faith would not be faithful to us if it did not warn as well as console. This morning I want to ask: what exactly are we being warned about? What will the Day of Judgment actually judge? I want to lay out two misconceptions concerning judgment, and suggest a true conception in their place. (more…)


Matthew 25: 1-13

November 9, 2008

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According to Matthew’s Gospel, Jesus told this parable of the ten bridesmaids during that intense week between Palm Sunday and Easter. On Palm Sunday he entered Jerusalem for the first time and to great acclaim. Five days later he was dead. In that brief interval he focused most of his teachings and parables on end times. His disciples wanted to know when the end would be. What sign should they look for that the end was near? Jesus responded, in effect: that is not yours to know. Only God knows the time of the end. Your job is to live in such a way that no matter when it comes, you will not be taken by surprise. You will always be ready. This parable of the ten bridesmaids serves as an alert. (more…)

Matthew 5:1-12, All Saints Sunday

November 2, 2008

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Since the fourth century the church has celebrated All Saints Day. What makes that Day so important? Who are we celebrating? We are celebrating the lives of people like you and me. All of us are saints-in-the-making. All of us shine forth with the light of Christ to some degree. In the great saints the light of Christ shines forth to a great degree. So we celebrate this day, because the great Saints remind us that we hold within us astonishing possibilities. They inspire us. (more…)