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John 11:1-45 Fifth Sunday in Lent

March 11, 2008

Today’s reading:

What a shock! Jesus did not rush to his friends when they needed him! In fact, he delayed. They were among his dearest friends; and they had begged him to come. What happened? Could he not imagine their anguish? Or had he reached a point where his divinity, like some invasive species, was pushing his humanity toward extinction? He no longer felt human pain? We press for an explanation; because every one of us has stood where Mary and Martha stand in this story. Just two weeks ago I participated in the funeral of a woman in my former parish. I say “a woman;” what I really mean is a saint, a light for others, someone who gave of herself without counting the cost. She died of cancer after five years – plenty of time for Jesus to arrive. And it was not as if he had not been called: thousands of people beamed laser-like prayers with relentless faith. When her struggle was over, we wanted to say as Mary and Martha said, “Lord, if you had been there our sister would not have died.” Does anything in this Gospel speak to our bewilderment, our sense of betrayal? For unlike Lazarus, our dear ones have not stepped out of the tomb. (more…)